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Flea, Tick and Heartworm Information

We stock the best products available for the control and prevention of fleas, ticks and heartworm, ordered directly from the manufacturer. In this way we can be assured the quality of the product you purchase from us.  We know how the product has been handled since leaving the manufacturer and stored in our office.

Beware of Online Purchases

There is a reason mail order prices are less, multiple reasons actually. A couple of obvious reasons for lower online prices are low overhead and large quantity purchasing. Passing savings on to the consumer due to low overhead is OK, but there can be issues with large quantity orders. These types of products must be kept within certain temperature ranges to remain effective. Large quantity orders stored in a hot warehouse can affect the chemicals within the medication.

Did you know that some flea and tick products made for dogs can be deadly to cats? Your veterinarian knows your pets and will make appropriate suggestions as to what types of products to use in your particular household, something an online retailer or mail order company has no way of offering.

In the past several years it has become apparent that some online retailers and mail order companies are actually selling counterfeit product or product illegally imported into the United States from other countries. This creates the potential of receiving ineffective product or product that does not conform to U.S. safety standards, both of which could be harmful to your pet. The few dollars saved on the purchase may turn into more money spent to re-purchase the product and maybe even to cure a problem that came about by the lack of effectiveness. With ineffective heartworm products, this could even lead to the death of your pet. Please visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website for further information by clicking the following link FDA Animal Health Literacy.